Dietitian Services

The EBPHA Dietitian service provides one-on-one individual appointments and the dietary education component of the Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Self-Management Groups run by the EBPHA. Group sessions are beneficial to some people as it enables a person to access information from key health professionals in a timely and convenient manner. One-on-one appointments are tailored to an individual so the treatment and goals are targeted towards giving the individual the best possible dietary health outcome. The appointments provide a person with an individualised plan and personal goals. Currently, the EBPHA Dietitian holds clinics for one-on-one appointments in Whakatane, Edgecumbe, Kawerau, Opotiki, Taneatua and Te Kaha. The following are conditions the service is funded to cover for individual appointments:

  • High needs overweight adults; with comorbidities related to/affected by their weight;
  • Patients who have a cardiovascular risk assessment ≥15%;
  • Patients who have pre-diabetes;
  • Patients who have type two diabetes and are not on insulin and are not able to participate in the diabetes selfmanagement groups run by the EBPHA; and/or
  • Patients who have completed diabetes/cardiovascular disease self-management groups but need extra support and/or education to self-manage.

There is one central referral system for the Dietitians in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. You can either refer using Best Practice eReferral or send your referral to the Dietitian Services at Whakatane Hospital and the referrals will be sorted accordingly. Referrals for patients with medical conditions that are covered by the Secondary Service will be managed by the Bay of Plenty District Health Board Dietitians.

A Referral form and Criteria for Maternal, Child and Youth Dietitian can be downloaded here.