Ko koe te tauihu o tō waka auahi kore.
You are the prow (front part of the ship) of your own waka, your own compass toward a Smokefree Destiny.

Our service

We provide a FREE service to help you stop smoking in both the Eastern and Western bay of plenty.

Who can access this service?

Individual Support –
Every person is paired up with a quit coach who will meet with you to work out your Quit Journey together. After 4 weeks being smoke-free, you will receive a $50 voucher of your choice for all your hard work.

Roopū Sessions –
The team have a 6-week programme for Wahine Māori aged between 18 and 30. Each session covers areas of quitting with kai, fun activities, and gifts to help you stay smoke-free. We can also run other group sessions by request.

Incentive Programmes –
If you are hapū and/or care fulltime for tamariki under the age of 6, we offer up to $250 worth of vouchers. This programme also allows you to choose a Quit Buddy. Your Quit Buddy will also receive vouchers up to $150.

How do I access this service?
  • Call 0800 427 246 (0800 Hāpainga) to speak with a Quit Coach, or
  • Email Hapainga@ebpha.org.nz, or
  • Come to 5 Louvain Street, Whakatāne. Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm, or
  • Come to 10 Tebbs Lane, Gate Pā, Tauranga. Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm, or
  • Let your GP know, and they will refer you to the Hāpainga team, or
  • Complete the below referral form.

Once you have signed up, our quit coaches will call you as soon as possible and get you started on your new journey.


Our Smokefree Practitioners are experienced, and dedicated professionals who are here to help you.

Lizzie Spence

Smokefree Team Lead

Faith Tahuri

Smokefree Practitioner

Sharlene Maru-Habib

Smokefree Practitioner

Stevie-Lee Hiroki

Smokefree Practitioner

Candy Blackwell

Smokefree Practitioner