For support with managing health, medical, social, and mental wellbeing needs, we have a range of brief interventions and services available.

    Our Integrated Wellbeing Team supports with managing health, social, and mental wellbeing needs for our community including Pasifika, Māori, and whānau with impairments. The team consists of specialists in Case Management Coordinators – Community and Pasifika, Health Coaches, Nurses, Community Social Workers, and Mental Health Practitioners.

    This multi-disciplinary team implements appropriate care that supports whānau to navigate and coordinate access to health and social services, 1-2-1 support for specific goals from a Health Coach that encourages behavioural changes, specific mental health short courses such as Anxiety or Mood Management, as well as short-term interventions for those with mild-to-moderate mental health issues. This team works closely with general practices to develop an individual self-management plan.

    This Integrated Wellbeing team provides:

    Case Management Coordinators

    • Navigate and coordinate community services and governmental agencies to develop a health care and social care network centred around the client.
    • Support whānau with long-term conditions or complex health needs.
    • Pasifika programme available.

    Health Improvement Practitioners (HIPs)

    • Registered health practitioners that provide 20-30minute consultations to formulate contextual assessments and focus on brief intervention strategies.
    • Focus on specific problems and how one may solve them.
    • HIPs also provide group sessions for a range of issues such as insomnia, gout, anxiety, or cardiovascular disease.

    Health Coaches

    • Our health coaches are experienced practitioners that are based both in our general practices and the community.
    • We encourage people to identify their own priorities for change and support them to find resources, tools, and support to meet their goals.


    • Individual face-to-face brief intervention sessions for mild to moderate mental health support.
    • Offer brief AOD sessions for adults.

    Community Group Sessions

    • Anxiety Group short courses available to referred clients.
    • Wellbeing Groups sessions available to the community.

    Who can access this service?

    This integrated service is provided to adults and young people of the Eastern Bay of Plenty who are registered to an EBPHA General Practice. However, if you live within the area, the team will consider if any supports can be offered to you.

    How do I access this service?

    10 – 19 years of age

    • Doctor or Practice Nurse
    • School Nurse or School Counsellor
    • Whānau / Family Member
    • Self-referral (see link below)


    • Referral from your Doctor or Practice Nurse
    • EBPHA Internal Referral request
    • Referrals received via other media platforms will be considered


    For any questions or more information, email



    Our team are qualified, experienced, and dedicated professionals who are here to help you.

    Ronnie Maru

    Counselling Team Lead

    Georgina Moke

    Integrated Case Management Team Lead

    Pharyn Herewini

    IPMHA Team Lead

    Henri Katz

    Clinical Oversight

    Walter Harawira

    Case Coordinator

    Khan Harawira

    Health Coach

    Huhana Mason


    Daunte Maxwell

    Case Coordinator

    Faith Tahuri

    Health Coach / Referral Coordinator

    Jamie Sullivan


    Whakairi Nicholas

    Pasifika Case Coordinator

    Sinead Herewini

    Health Coach

    Maria Tomaszewski


    Kalaya Arbuckle

    Case Coordinator

    Tammy Ngawhika

    Health Improvement Practitioner

    Molly Gerritsen

    Counsellor / Anxiety Group Facilitator

    Uriah (Kids) Kihi-Coates

    Youth Teaching Coordinator

    Puāwai Franklin

    Health Improvement Practitioner

    Lorraine Saunders


    Liz Horlock

    Anxiety Group Facilitator

    Tamara Double

    Wellbeing Group Facilitator

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