For support with managing health, medical, social, and mental wellbeing needs, we have a range of brief interventions and services available.


Interventions and Services

  • Implementing appropriate care to address lifestyle or behaviour changes.
  • Short-term interventions for those with mild to moderate mental health issues, including but not limited to stress, anxiety, grief, depression and concerns about alcohol and other drugs.
  • Help with managing situational or circumstantial issues as well as more general wellbeing-based support. 


We can also work alongside those who are unsure of what service(s) could help to ensure the most appropriate support is in place. In addition, we can link to external and specialist packages of care when and if appropriate. 

How can I access integrated care?

Your doctor can refer you to one of our brief intervention services or refer you to our ‘Integrated Care’ pathway so we can work alongside you to explore what services might work for you. We have a range of community classes, more specific short-courses and one on one supports on offer.  Telehealth options (via phone or video) may also be available. 

What happens after I am referred?

Once the referral has been received, you will be contacted by one of the clinical team within 2 weeks to confirm your referral. There are also further resources available below.

Next, someone will contact you to discuss your options. You may be required to undergo a brief assessment by phone or at an initial appointment to determine what services are right for you. 

Support could include one or more of the following: 

  • Self-help options including e-therapy, helpful weblinks, reading suggestions.
  • One on one support from a Health Coach for specific goal setting and/or behavioural changes.
  • Support to navigate and co-ordinate access to health or social services.
  • Face to face brief intervention with a Health Improvement Practitioner. 
  • Community mental health and wellbeing classes.
  • Specific mental health short course, i.e., managing anxiety or mood management.
  • Targeted counselling (wait times can vary).
  • Referral to a more appropriate organisation/service.
  • Advice around other follow up options, which could include private counselling or employee assistance programmes.

While you wait…

Community Wellbeing Sessions

We strongly encourage you to consider attending our free, community mental health and wellbeing evening sessions that are available to all in the community.
It’s a safe and comfortable space to learn about new ways to enhance your wellbeing.

Our Services

We encourage you to continue to consider how we can best support you.  Here you can see a number of ways we can help, or ways you can explore your own wellbeing through some links and resources below.  Feel free to get in touch to find out more about a service on offer.