Vaccination is the most effective way to protect your child against diseases that can cause serious, and sometimes fatal, illness. Vaccines on the National Immunisation Schedule are free in New Zealand for all babies, children and young people until their 18th birthday.

Our service

We provide an outreach immunisation service to vaccinate hapū māmā, babies and children in the community, when the child is unable to be vaccinated at their General Practice.

Our Childhood Immunisation Coordinator provides education and support to General Practice Immunisation champions, encouraging practices to vaccinate children at every opportunity.

Who can access this service?
All children and adolescents living in the Eastern Bay of Plenty who are unable to be vaccinated at their General Practice. Vaccinations begin when your child is 6 weeks old.
How do I access this service?

Please use the contact details below:



Our Registered Nurses are qualified, experienced, and dedicated professionals who are here to help you.

Kaye Potter (RN)

Immunisation Nurse