Our team were invited by Te Ika Whenua Hauora to join the Waiōhau community and other Health Providers at Waiōhau Marae. 

The goal of the Hauora Day was to engage and encourage the Waiōhau community to be involved and take leadership within their health journeys. And for Health Providers to let them know what support is available to them for their health and well-being.

The EBPHA were honoured to be invited to such an event, with three of our team members heading out to share some Stop Smoking information and support. 

The turn out of the day was a reflection of the community’s desire to be involved within their health journeys, with many locals flowing in and out throughout the day. There was a lot of engagement with our team, whether it was for themselves or out of interest to see what services are available for whānau (family) and friends as well. 

Our team also enjoyed meeting other Health Providers, while also catching up with the ones we have worked alongside previously. It was an excellent opportunity to develop relationships with other providers, discussing in what ways we can work together to provide accessible and quality health care to our communities.

We’d like to extend a big mihi (thank you) and acknowledge the hard mahi (work) that Te Ika Whenua Hauora had put in, making the Hauora Day possible and a success.

We look forward to the next one.