During lockdown or when self-isolating at home, eating well balanced, healthy, and nutritious meals can often seem to hard and requires too much effort, at a very stressful time!
We know that being sick can disrupt your appetite and eating patterns. But it’s really important that the food you do eat is nutritious and healthy, because it can reduce your recovery time and help you feel better sooner.
By being prepared and taking some time to make a meal plan for the week, you will be able to make smart food choices, manage the situation, and regain control of your circumstances.
Our Dietitians Brooke Snelling and Brittany Malcolm have put together this comprehensive food and meal plan to help whānau in self isolation or for people who have COVID-19 symptoms.
You’ll learn about eating the right types of kai, the right amount of kai, and how to manage the grocery bills to stay within budget. Click on the link and download your free Food and Meal Plan Guide.