Smear age change from 1st Nov

Some key points from the MOH re: the age change from 1st November 2019. If practices are screening women outside of the current guideline recommendations, a clinical rationale should be provided on the laboratory form. There has been no change from the Ministry as to...

Measles Update and Travel to Pacific Islands

See attached email advising on guidelines and priority groups. Toi Te Ora have created a poster that I have attached. If you think it is helpful for your practice you can use it. It is optional. Jess

MMR Vaccine Clinics

Suzanne is looking at running some MMR vaccine clinics in Whakatane for people aged 1-50 that don’t have an MMR. More details to follow once confirmed. Jess

CVRA – HDL Value

Round it up to 1.0 Thank you all for giving me some time to work through this issue with Medtech. Basically the MedTech CVRA form won’t let you submit the form if the patients HDL is less that 1 (more common that one would think). This is a MOH issue that Mohio has...

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