What are Outreach Immunisation Services?

Outreach Immunisation Services (OIS) are for children and families/Whanau that are not accessing immunisation services provided by General Practice. These services are provided in an attempt to immunise those children who have been identified as having missed some or all of their scheduled childhood immunisations. OIS are one of an Integrated set of strategies aimed at improving immunisation coverage and ensuring that people have access to services that empower them to make informed decisions with regard to immunisation.

Who is eligible for OIS?

All children 0-6 (inclusive) years who have not accessed scheduled immunisation services and where primary health care services are unable to either locate them or have not been successful in bringing the family/Whanau into the primary health care service for their immunisation.

How are these services provided?

OIS offer flexible arrangements for immunisation services i.e. by providing services both in the home or community settings. At the EBPHA, the Immunisation Advocate supports and accompanies the Outreach Vaccinator into the community, following up and providing information for families who have children that have missed vaccination. The OIS provides vaccination services for the Eastern Bay of Plenty region to include Kawerau, Whakatane, Taneatua, Ruatoki, Waimana, Opotiki and beyond.

How is the OIS linked to the National Immunisation Register (NIR)?

The NIR allows for the sharing of information between health care providers to assist with follow up of immunisations. The OIS are informed when people are overdue for their immunisations and their services are requested. The OIS then advise the General Practice and the NIR when immunisations have been given.
Referrals to Outreach Immunisations Services can be made to NIR or directly to the OIS at EBPHA

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