Primary Health Counselling Service

The EBPHA took the opportunity to look at ways of providing a more integrated approach to Mental Health Services in the Eastern Bay. Previously this service was offered by Emerge Aotearoa and is now renamed Primary Health Counselling Service for Eastern Bay. We felt this better reflects the role in offering short term counselling support for those with mild to moderate mental health situations/conditions. The service will continue to operate from Boon Street until the organisation moves to Louvain Street on 1 July 2017.

What we do for Youth and Adults

For those identified by the GP with mild to moderate mental health concerns/conditions the counselling team provide short term support for clients on a journey of recovery.

The team of Counsellors provide support to enable the clients to consider their own individuality, values, beliefs and supports as well as those of their family/ whānau. The team understand that everyone has different strengths and needs. Together they develop a support plan through developing skills, knowledge, tools and opportunities to achieve their goals and aspirations. An important aspect of developing these goals can be achieved through utilising assessment tools.

For youth it may be through utilising an interactive assessment tool like SPARX. The Counselling team will be looking at strengthening their relationships with intermediate and secondary schools to offer programmes to increase student resiliency around relationships with themselves, their family/whānau, their peers and things like physical activity, nutrition and alcohol.

In some instances the Counselling team are able to involve other Services to ensure that all the elements of each person’s recovery is progressing. Recovery is a life journey. Everyone’s recovery will be different, reflecting each person’s uniqueness as individuals. The counselling team will walk beside each person on their journey, supporting and motivating them to achieve to be as healthy as they can be.