Support to Screening Services

Commencing 1 November 2016, EBPHA has been in the process of setting up this new service, which focuses on providing extra support to priority group women who experience barriers accessing breast and cervical screening, assessment and treatment services.

Our small team, which includes leader Julia De Silva (Registered Nurse), Kathleen Taipeti (Advocate / Administrator) and Bert Tyrie (Registered Nurse), have started visiting General Practices to meet with breast and cervical screening champions to introduce the service and establish a collaborative referral pathway.

In addition to supporting referred clients to visit their primary care provider for their cervical smear screening, and for women who prefer an independent provider, we are also offering an alternative cervical smear taking service, both on site at EBPHA, and within women’s homes (if requested).

We also provide support to women who require assistance to attend colposcopy assessment or treatment appointments, mammography assessment and/or re-sults appointments, or first specialist treatment appointments.

If you wish to find out more, please contact us on 07 3062341 or email us on